Yasu’s CV

Personal Information

Name: Yasemen Altin Alarslan
Date of birth: 04.01.1996
Contact information: yasu.al (at) hotmail.com

Personal Profile

I am a really social and fast learner. I like learning new things, developing myself and I am not scared of making mistakes.


2012  (the matriculation 2015) Espoon yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School
2007-2012 Maininki Comprehensive School

Special courses and responsibilities

Global Citizenship-course, where we organized an event where also our own dance crew performed and raised money for a school in Zimbabwe.

Career goal

I would like to get a job where I can work with people and help the community. I am keen on learning new things and traveling the world.

Language skills

Finnish – mother tongue
Turkish –  second mother tongue
English – good
Swedish – good

Work experience

1 week Kindergarten (2009)

Kindergarten, Maininki. I played with kids and took them out.

2 weeks Minigolf  (2010)

Minigolf, Espoonlahti. I worked in customer service.

5 months Florist, Ikea (2012)

Florist,Ikea  Espoon Keskus. We were also selling berries and vegetables and the job was emphasized on  keeping the customers satisfied and to give them exactly what they wanted.

Computer skills

I am a fast typer, able to find information from the internet and I can use Wordpad, Power Point, Prezi and many other programs in computer. I am  also a capable blog user.

Hobbies and personal interests

I have been dancing street dance since I was really young. I have also played piano and now I am playing guitar along with dancing for two years now. I love travelling and learning new cultures closer.


2012 Hip-Hop International Varsity Division Dance competition 3rd place (Bronze medal)

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